About Us

lobby photoEndodontics of Las Vegas brings cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise and a friendly and compassionate staff who are trained to give you the experience – and smile – that you deserve. At Endodontics of Las Vegas, we work with you and your general dentist to treat your endodontic needs from basic root canals to more complex endodontic surgery procedures.

Why See an Endodontist?

Unlike a general dentist, an endodontist receives extensive training in order to specialize in endodontic care. Because we specialize in endodontics, we also have the most technologically advanced tools, technologies and procedures available for our patients. This enables us to treat our patients successfully and comfortably.

Through the use of surgical microscopes, digital radiography, apex locators, rotary instrumentation and ultrasonics, we provide endodontic treatment ranging from root canal therapy to surgical procedures like apicoectomies and root repairs.