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We are Endodontics of Las Vegas providing excellent endodontic care here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Darin Kajioka and Dr. Chase Crowley utilize the latest endodontic techniques and technology to provide quality, compassionate endodontic care for your patients. Dr. Kajioka and Dr. Crowley

– Provide complete nonsurgical and micro-surgical endodontic treatment.

– Use the operating microscope during 100% of the treatment.

– Utilize the latest technological advancements, including the operating microscope, digital radiography, ultrasonics, apexlocators, sonicactivators, nickel-titanium instruments, and electronic motors and handpieces.

– Can accommodate your emergency patients promptly.

– Make scheduling of your patients afriendly and trouble-free experience, including Spanish-speaking patients.

-Provide patients with a clear insurance/financial estimate prior to any potential work.

-Provide a photo-quality post-operative report and final x-ray to your office after treatment and are always available for direct communication via telephone or email.

-Are conveniently located near Summerlin Parkway and Town Center.

-Are open 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday and accept most insurances.

We would love to meet with you and look forward to assisting you with any of your patients’ endodontic needs

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